Edwinno is a collection of Essential Writings in Architecture, Philosophy, Managing knowledge and Art, foremost with people and of the people.These essential writings are cornerstones of our civilization.

Edwinno also features people and organizations that contribute to this site, attracting publishers and we are always looking for kindred spirits to join us in our efforts...



The guiding principle behind Essential Writings is Simplicity ~ "Beauty by Simplicity"

Writing and expressing in truth from our experiences, as experiencing life and emotions.

Come and start this experience with us.

Your comments are much appreciated to improve the quality of all expressions.


~ Edwinno ~


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John Lennon, Imagine

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Latest Quote

"Simplicity is a high priority for my company..."

~ Ron Tolido, CTO Cap Gemini ~ Netherlands

"Simplicity is not an add-on feature"

~ Wlad Turksi




~ Development of the process computer for a cold steel mill.
~ Development of alarm centers for the Dutch police of the major cities.
~ Project advisor for an international airline.
~ Development of a three day course on architecture for a large international system integration company.
~ Architecture for a large transportation company that solves the system integration with new customers.
~ Delivery of a knowledge management framework for a large application services company.
~ Automation of Lycra beaming plants worldwide

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