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Knowledge Manager

Community Leverage is about applying best practices from our experiences as available in our knowledge base, on a global scale. In other words, if I encounter a problem (or opportunity), the community may have provided solutions for very similar problems.

Presents come in boxes, as they used to, and they hold surprises, that, when opened come to light (and are no surprise anymore). We all live in a framework of references, a book of rules that governs our behaviour. In this environment, creativity has little chance. Instead, architects,should have an open mind, and should have the ability to make thoughts that go beyond the written rules, and that are so to say "out of the box". Taking the helicopter view, stepping beyond the borders of the system that is so familiar to us.



Socrates taught us that we know nothing, there is so much to learn. Experience comes from repeating the things we do, making fewer and fewer mistakes. The past is important, as we learn from experience; we should not forget the past, keep our memories and build our way into the future. Experience generates knowledge and ultimately, wisdom, when others seek us to learn from us, if they want. And we should stimulate talents to learn from us.

There are no limits to your knowledge (!).

Duende has several meanings. If we view it as the art of perfection, as I describe it, then at Wiki you will find the folllowing explanation: "A difficult-to-define phrase in the Spanish arts that connotes emotion and authenticity". Clearly, this closely relates to the competencies of the architect.

This section is about knowledge and about how to manage it. It is a complex and almost academic subject for how to manage knowledge in some kind of system if that knowledge is in our head ?


In my life I have been reaching out for the beauty of simplicity, which continues to drive me and my passions in life.

My thoughts have been influenced by many a philosopher, architect, artist or statesman and I would like to share some of their sayings that are profound to me - and I am endowed to them.


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Latest Quote

"Simplicity is a high priority for my company..."

~ Ron Tolido, CTO Cap Gemini ~ Netherlands

"Simplicity is not an add-on feature"

~ Wlad Turksi




~ Development of the process computer for a cold steel mill.
~ Development of alarm centers for the Dutch police of the major cities.
~ Project advisor for an international airline.
~ Development of a three day course on architecture for a large international system integration company.
~ Architecture for a large transportation company that solves the system integration with new customers.
~ Delivery of a knowledge management framework for a large application services company.
~ Automation of Lycra beaming plants worldwide

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