About registering with Edwinno

Edwinno is happy to launch it's feature to register members, authors or publishers. We provide services that enable you to do so on Edwinno in light of "Beauty by Simplicity".


People of all ages, background, origins, sex etc who are willing to contribute and are kindred to the sake of Simplicity in whatever context, art, writing, poetry, architecture or philosophy, however no exclusions are intended. And registration is open to all within our designed concept of authentication.

Why register with Edwinno?

We intend to build communities and collaboration between members and interests. And as members you can be part of the features presented by us, such as Community with Forums and the Edwinno Social Meeting Place. And depending on mutual agreement we open our solution to editors and publishers as a medium to contribute to the world, with protection of copyrights and other aspects.

We do have an excellent publishing engine that provides lots of flexibility and expression such as image galleries, video, sound and of course editting to your liking, see out Featuring section...the only thing that is needed is solid content ~ pages are can be made to your idea and concept, within the style of Edwinno.

What do you register?

For registration we require minimum information about you such as name, country of residence and birth date and agree with the terms and policies of Edwinno. Do read our policies concerning usage and privacy. We do not share any information with 3rd parties, ever.

You can assign your own user id for Edwinno. and you may opt to communicate to us your idea or concepts of interest in Edwinno.


Our process is such that we validate the information to our best ability and notify you on acceptance with a one time only password, via email.

After you login to Edwinno we advise strongly that you assign your own password via your profile edit.


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