Femke Rameijer ~ More Intuitive Poetry from the heart

Femke Rameijer ~ More Intuitive Poetry from the heart

Femke Rameijer embarked on the road less travelled and is applying herself in authenticity and self, as in I AM. Living in France since 2004, mother, entrepreneur and also expressing herself in poetry on intuition and being authentic in self. Edwinno is happy to publish some MORE of her poems from her book "Intuitive Poetry from the Heart". 

For more information on her repertoire and services do visit Divinely Grounded on www.dgbyfemke.com and for her book "Intuitive Poetry from the Heart" click here.

Partly Alive

I remember the time I was partly alive,

Living it all, with no clue about life.

Trapped inside situations, created by me,

Played out by others, where I choose to be.

Making a living, taking care of what should,

No even wondering, what it is that I could.

Until one day, it started to burn,

Building up, to the point of no return.

The point where I could not give anymore,

The point where fear and despair hit my core.

No more excuses, no way back,

No more delusions, no payback.

And then the courage started to build,

Slowly but surely, just until,

I broke free, and crawled out of my cave.

Adjusting my life, to not be a slave.

A slave of my mind, my creations, my thoughts,

My ego, my patterns, wherever I was caught.

I remember the time I was partly alive,

So detached from myself, it cut like a knife.

But now I am here,

With nothing left to fear.

Reconnected with my spirit, my love and my soul,

And no regrets, knowing it all to be part of the whole.



My Body

My body has been through a journey of its own.

A journey in which I so much have grown.

To love, respect and honour it all,

Even the insecurities in which I now fall.

For showing myself naked to you,

Is as natural to me, as difficult to do.

Sharing this with you, is what I need to do before,

I can enjoy, surrender and let you explore.

My body is where I suffer, and enjoy, so let me tell you what I adore.

The excess weight, a tale of its own,

My belly, my legs, my arms, yes I moan.

Wanting to be as beautiful as can be,

Despite the perfect imperfections you can see.

Some wrinkles I have earned, as well as grey hairs,

Gravity not helping, but o who cares?

Why am I sharing this with you now?

Just because it's me, and you know somehow,

I need to get this of my chest,

In order to give myself with zest.

I love you as you are, and so I see,

I love myself as well, in all honesty.

Loving myself means the world to me,

Owning up to my insecurities, in order to be.

Being vulnerable is making me strong,

And whatever happens, I cannot go wrong.

So thanks for listening my dear, this is not easy to share,

Love from a women, in need of some tender love and care.




Opportunities knocking on your door,

Exactly what you have been praying for.

But that is strange, what is going on?

What is happening, what is wrong?

All those questions going through your mind,

Thoughts all over the place, thoughts of any kind.

This cannot be true, this is wrong,

This is not happening, something funny is going on.

Opportunities knocking on your door,

For you to recognize, and explore.

For you to deny, run away from, or ignore.

For you to accept, embrace, and even ask for more.

Creations at its best,

Give the thinking a rest.

Enjoy the ride and you will see,

Listening to your heart will set you free.

Look opportunity in the eye,

Take the high road and fly.

For it is the beginning of so much more,

That the Universe has for you in store!



I feel I have arrived, where, I don't know,

I feel I have arrived, a place from where to grow.

A new way of living, starting today,

A new way of living, what can I say.

So grateful I am, so full of love,

Believe me when I tell you, I can't get enough.

So much love, for all of us to share,

Join me if you like, join me if you dare.

For you and I are one, as are we all in a sense,

Don't be afraid, all is good, and yes intense.

An intensity so right, an intensity so true,

Creating and loving, is all we have to do.

Creating what we want, for us and humankind,

Seeing the best in everything we find.

So darling know, you are loved as a whole,

Loved for your body, mind and soul.

Step into this world and just be,

Step into this world, you are free.


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Femke Rameijer ~ Intuitive Poetry from the heart

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Friday, 15 December 2017

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Ann Change and Lost
25 May 2017
Well, my plans changed today or should I say they were cancelled. I sat lost for a few hours, lost in thought, lost in the moment. It was a lovely thing. I realize I can change and go forward with some nice freedom, inspired by this story. I stopped a moment and wrote this comment and now I go.
Ann Clinic Dream
25 May 2017
Nice recount! Dreams are an interesting glance into our minds and seem quite elusive for me, remembering dreaming and forgetting the content most times. Is there something I am missing? Probably
Ann Clinic Rules
15 April 2017
good rules vs bad rulesFollowing rules was extreme programming from infancy for me. First rule: You are here to help your mother, You are the servant of your family. I was taught to be an adult as an infant and only recently found the un-nurtured infant inside. In finding my infant I was able to stop crying for what seemed to be no reason. I have learned through much therapy that some rules are a method of abuse. I have learned to use better judgement in following rules. Some rules are for our...
Gooitzen My Hypomania Explained
25 March 2017
Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing.
Gooitzen A Day In My Life
25 March 2017
Best wishes Edwin! I am glad you are in a place to recover. I imagine that walks - long walks - are good for your pshychy! Thinking of you.
Edwin Ronald Zwart Dechen Shak-Dagsay
25 November 2010
Dechen, thanks for your contribution. I am new to the world of Tibet and mantra's. Life must be much different in Tibet, providing for a uniqu culture surrounded by all these impressive mountains. I hope that you will return one day.
Edwin Ronald Zwart Monique Lucy Weberink
25 November 2010
This fills my heart with joy. Thank you so much.
MAE ELIAS Monique Lucy Weberink
24 November 2010
Monique I'm really comfortable in this site because I can see that your art is being frequently visited and is fantastic around here. If I Habar your visual art say that the gamma is the most beautiful blue that I saw in my life if I talk about your poetry, I just have to say that is still outstanding. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU AND ALWAYS I SAY: YOU ARE GREAT
MAE ELIAS Monique Lucy Weberink
24 November 2010
Monique realmente estoy muy a gusto en este sitio porque puedo ver que tu arte esta siendo muy visitado y se ve fant{astico por ac{a. Si debo habar de tu arte visual digo que la gamma de azules es lo m{as hermoso que vi en mi vida, si debo hablar de tu poesia solo debo decir que sigue siendo extraordinaria. eSTOY MUY ORGULLOSO DE TI Y COMO SIEMPRE TE DIGO: ERES GENIAL
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