Joint Tips

Joint Tips

This concerns Hashish and Weed.

For centuries hashish and weed have been used all over the world. However the use of hashish or weed is never without risk.

Both hashish and weed are derived from the cannabis plant. The main active substance is THC (Tetra Hydro Canninabinol). Another important substance in cannabis is CBD (Cannabidiol).  The effects of cannabis depend on the user. setting, and the type of hashish

being used. Most people use cannabis to relax. The effects last 2-4 hours. Cannabis is legal in some countries or states.


A joint is a mix of tobacco and hashish and/or weed.


Below are 11 tips for a healthy use of cannabis and the risks invloved.



The different types of hashish and weed can vary considerably in CBD and THC level. For example, foreign hashish contains much more CBD than Dutch weed.  Cannadis containing CBD is usually considered to be more relaxing. Make sure you are well informed about this by the dealer or coffee shop (Dutch).


You won’t solve problems by smoking a joint. Cannabis is meant to be enjoyed and not to remove anxiety or make you feel more sure of yourself.


Hashish and weed reduce your powers of concentration.  So don’t use it before school, studyor work.


Cannabis affects your reaction time, so don’t drive after smoking. It increses thew risk of an accident and is illegal.


Do not use cannabis when you are pregnant or when you use medication. If you are at a higher risk to develop mental health problems, cannabis can make you feel anxious or confused. Hypomania mixes bad with cannabis.


To reduce the risk of feeling anxious or confused, use cannabis containing relatively high levels of CBD and low levels of THC.


Don’t mix cannabis with other drugs or alcohol. It will increase the risk of becoming ill, anxious or confused.


When a joint is smoked, harmful substances are released such as tar and carbon monoxide.

It is therefore not a good idea to inhale deeply or for longer periods of time. In fact, you won’t need to, because your lungs absorb the active substances of cannabis within seconds.


Cannabis sometimes can make you feel bad. You might feel nauseous or anxious. If this happens, don’t panic, find a quiet spot and eat or drink something sweet. The worst will be over in an hour.


Should you need medical assistance, find an emergency room or call the national alarm number. You will not be arrested for the use of cannabis.


It is illegal to sell or give drugs to anyone under the age of 18. Never resell the cannabis you buy.


Steppenwolf - The Pusher


= edwinno, via my Medical Staff



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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

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