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Edwinno is proud to announce its intent to open its presence on the web for those that have similar aspirations in terms of Simplicity and Beauty in context of your own experience.


People of all ages, backgrounds, origins, gender, color etc who are willing to contribute and are kindred to the sake of Simplicity in whatever context; art, writing, poetry, architecture or philosophy, however no exclusions are intended. 

Naturally submissions will be handled by our disgression.


We will have an application form which enables you to submit to us your motivation and intent. This information can be submitted to us via the Application Form, which can also be found as selection item under Menu Featuring.

The information that you send to us is for review by Edwinno only and will not be used by us, unless we select you as a candidate for Edwinno. We review all submitted materials and inform you if you have been selected or not. If not selected we remove all submitted content from our archive.

The application is to include your introduction, biography and credentials and of course your motivation in Simplicity. A personal Quote or Motto is appreciated.

Depending on what you want to submit for  inclusion about you and your work we ask you to include high resolution media (pictures, video) of your works. We can promote you with a Image Gallery, Video and webpage. A webpage can be long but we attempt to keep your feature page to most 1 or 2 letter size page.

A personal picture is required to complete the application.

You agree that can publish your materials and you guarantee these materials are yours. You grant us therefor the use of your materials on our site and only for our site, and publication on for unlimited time. We reserve the right to withdraw

The Feature Application form is not yet installed, in the mean time This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  For more information  contact us.

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