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Edwinno has succeeded in getting details out of the book by Fiona McLaren "Da Vinci's Last Commission", written personally by her,  as well as reviews by other parties. Do take a look and read the wonderful overviews by Fiona. The details of the Path of the Pilgrimage is an experience indeed. Enjoy!

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Get a great overview of the book, written by Fiona McLaren and never published before. 

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Reviews By Others


I usually read fiction but found this book akin to a treasure hunt for the truth about Christ and truly engrossing. FionaMclaren has succeeded in conveying the excitement of her journey and had me feverishly turning the pages. Her background is so interesting and the way the painting at the center of the narrative came into her hands, along with other artifacts, all linking and contributing to her thesis, is an added bonus. Her tantalising conclusions are credible as they are based on years of research. I loved the analysis of the art and the history. All in all I thoroughly recommend this as a myth-busting read.
This is an extraordinary book about the author's determination to track down the truth about a painting which had been in her family for years. Her research into its origins, its symbolism and its significance brought her into contact with leading art experts, institutions and even the Vatican. You don't have to be religious or a believer to be impressed by someone with the courage to take on the art world and to challenge Catholic doctrine.
This book, DA VINCI'S LAST COMMISSION', is a book that spoke to me in a friendly voice, and for that ALONE - it's more than worth the cover price!
Personally, I don't want a bunch of academics coldly telling me how it is, i want to explore for myself, to go on a journey of learning with my fellow humans....and this book does EXACTLY that!
Nor have I ever been attracted by the New Age/Sensationalist authors spouting their own dogmas, so it it refreshing to have here some fresh eyes looking at some REALLY very interesting subject material without being self-congratulatory about things, with no hidden agenda or indeed merely jumping onto the 'conspiracy' band-wagon.
I sense from the author - a natural inquisitiveness, which was to ultimately lead her from a 'comfortable' world view, to questioning 'everything' that we as a society have been taught by our educational systems and churches etc, to come full circle to a real life-affirming view of our very own existence!
This book is no flight of fancy, but thoroughly researched by a writer who has had their very beliefs, morals and education utterly challenged. Actually, I can't imagine that the author even wanted to write this book, but must have been compelled by the sheer weight of historical evidence and syncronicities that present themselves as the story unfolds.
My initial thought about his book was....'I don't even care what this book is about' - I was too busy enjoying the writers 'voice' as it were, and being swept along by the narrative.
A narrative which ties together neatly, little-known periods in our history, into a web so intricate, that surely must point us to the fact that humanity's story so-far, is much greater and a lot more interesting than most of us have been told, led to believe or even expected.
Fascinating and amazingly informative, Fiona Mclaren sweeps you along on this quest to find truths that have been ignored or withheld from the world over many centuries. Whether the painting is a Leonardo or not the symbolism it contains set the author on a journey of research and consultation with many experts that has led to some intriguing discoveries. There have always been question marks over certain aspects of my early religious studies but this book has pieced together so much that it goes a long way in clearing up some doubts and in consequence has enriched my Christian faith. Thank you Miss McLaren. Buy the book and enjoy her fresh and revealing journey.
This is an easy going read through an exciting detective trail that takes you along the central Christian theme of the last two millennia, but via a road that is not on conventional maps.
It is a brave and challenging book that deeply questions our orthodox knowledge and understanding, leaving the reader impatient for the outcome of expert evaluation of the painting, due in 2013.
If the story is false, as suggested by another reviewer, then why does this painting exist in this form and who on earth had the time, skill, energy, reason and knowledge to set out to create this painting in the first place?
I can thoroughly recommend the book.

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