Good news, wonderful news. A Welcome change! Jaap Rameijer's latest book “Jamie on his cloud” has been nominated in England for “The People’s Book Prize, 2013 – 2014 Summer Collection, category “Children.”


The book is published by Local legend with publisher Nigel Peace. See cover and backside.


The book has also been published in Holland and will be published in France. Jaap is open for publishers in the German, Spanish, Portugese and Russian languages! And others. Also available as ebook in French on his site and soon at Amazon.

We are happy to recommend Kingsley Dennis and his great books. I personally have seen many of his videos and presentations, read some of his books. His ideas, concepts and actions resonate close to me. Most definitely I would recommend his works highly and hope let yourself be informed in a eloquent and clear manner. Most definitely his new book is on my must read list.



There is quite a lot to say about the Bugarach. The last few days Jaap Rameijer has been approached by the biggest Dutch newspaper, the Telegraaf and by the well known News progams Pauw & Witteman, EenVandaag, BNN/Serious Request and Nieuwsuur. Some camera teams are even planning to come his way. Others will interview him by telephone. And Femke Rameijer, his daughter, will participate, life, on December 20th, in the BNN TV program on Nederland 3 from 1930 to 2020.

Edwinno has succeeded in getting details out of the book by Fiona McLaren "Da Vinci's Last Commission", written personally by her,  as well as reviews by other parties. Do take a look and read the wonderful overviews by Fiona. The details of the Path of the Pilgrimage is an experience indeed. Enjoy!

Edwinno discovered an intriguing new book by Fiona McLaren - " Da Vinci's Last Commission" which takes one to a fabulous inquisitive tour and research on Leonardo's Da Vinci's works from a broad perspective. The book is translated in French and soon also in Portuguese and Italian and receives great reviews thus far. We invite you to take the time to read and dwell in the world of Fiona and Leonardo!

Edwinno discovered a wonderful initiative by a humanitarian organization “Global ArtXchange” to bring smiles on the faces of young artists in impoverished and wartorn places in the world. This initiative is founded by Vesa Peltonen, accomplished and dedicated in art, whose motto is to “give back” with care, compassion and determination and to grow a worldwide group of volunteers and associates.

As promised another powerful poem by Monique Lucy Weberink at present in Spain with lots of inspiration....


Edwinno is really proud to communicate a new and lovely poem by Monique Lucy Weberink. And trust you will enjoy it. Hope to be able to offer you more works by Monique soon.


Feels it is worthwhile to check an alternative method of healing with light. Johan Boswinkel is the inventor of the StarLight and Chiren Instruments and is also the driving force behind the study of Biontology.·His·Health Angel Foundation·and·Academy·are both aimed at bringing these beautiful concepts to the people. The following text on Biontology and it's application through the Chiren and StarLight instruments state Johan's vision on which this whole platform is based. DGbyFemke is providing such healing treatments in the South of France (Bagarach, Rennes-le-Chateau) and Holland (Haarlem).



Happy to have been able to come in touch with the Music from the dutch group "Uncommon Connection". A group of musicians and singers who make you feel at home with wonderful voices and instrumentals, such as gitar and accordeon. They played at Puur!Brink during the marktetday at Roden, the Netherlands.

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