The Language of Communication

The Language of Communication

In Edwinno, I try to find a language that can be understood and appreciated by architects, as they are the primary readers that I intend to reach. For any communication, between two or more people, we implicitly define and use a language to communicate.

This language is formed during the communication. And it is not the language of a country or region that I refer to, like English or French (or Dutch), but the language that corresponds with the type of abstraction that the communicators use. A discussion about vegetables is quite different from a discussion about architecture. The abstraction has to do with terminology and the types of concepts that we use. From good communication, we can achieve results beyond our expectations. And in the case of designing solutions, this is one of the major tools that the architect must have mastered.


However, in many cases, if the language of communication is ill designed, when we do not spend too much attention on it, we will create the Babylonic experience, as depicted by the image at the top .


Perhaps it is good to explain what is meant here, as I remembered at Wiki, to put this in the right context, such that you know what I am talking about. Babel is a tower that the people built and they wanted to reach heaven with it, in order to be near to God (see the Bible, the book of Genesis). The reaction from God was that he sent these people all in different directions with different languages, such that they would never be able to undertake such an undesired endeavor again. The Tower of Babylonia as used with a group of people implies they that do not communicate well and that there are many misunderstandings.


Communication is important, especially for architects, as their products need to be discussed with many stakeholders.
There's also this song on communication, “Don’t let me be misunderstood”.

Good communication, as inspired by a book from the Toltec philosopher Ruiz, known as "The four agreements" .


The Four Agreements

Here, communication is seen as one of our four major human being qualities. We should express ourselves as best as we could, for the "word" is the only form of (good) communication, really.

In systems that architects design and build, it is the interfaces that connect the parts of the system. Getting the interfaces right and developing good (and standard) protocols for communication is one of the toughest parts for delivering successful solutions.


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Friday, 23 February 2018

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tula What is Love
21 February 2018
I: really love what you are writing it is so true.
Ann Change and Lost
25 May 2017
Well, my plans changed today or should I say they were cancelled. I sat lost for a few hours, lost in thought, lost in the moment. It was a lovely thing. I realize I can change and go forward with some nice freedom, inspired by this story. I stopped a moment and wrote this comment and now I go.
Ann Clinic Dream
25 May 2017
Nice recount! Dreams are an interesting glance into our minds and seem quite elusive for me, remembering dreaming and forgetting the content most times. Is there something I am missing? Probably
Ann Clinic Rules
15 April 2017
good rules vs bad rulesFollowing rules was extreme programming from infancy for me. First rule: You are here to help your mother, You are the servant of your family. I was taught to be an adult as an infant and only recently found the un-nurtured infant inside. In finding my infant I was able to stop crying for what seemed to be no reason. I have learned through much therapy that some rules are a method of abuse. I have learned to use better judgement in following rules. Some rules are for our...
Gooitzen My Hypomania Explained
25 March 2017
Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing.
Gooitzen A Day In My Life
25 March 2017
Best wishes Edwin! I am glad you are in a place to recover. I imagine that walks - long walks - are good for your pshychy! Thinking of you.
Edwin Ronald Zwart Dechen Shak-Dagsay
25 November 2010
Dechen, thanks for your contribution. I am new to the world of Tibet and mantra's. Life must be much different in Tibet, providing for a uniqu culture surrounded by all these impressive mountains. I hope that you will return one day.
Edwin Ronald Zwart Monique Lucy Weberink
25 November 2010
This fills my heart with joy. Thank you so much.
MAE ELIAS Monique Lucy Weberink
24 November 2010
Monique I'm really comfortable in this site because I can see that your art is being frequently visited and is fantastic around here. If I Habar your visual art say that the gamma is the most beautiful blue that I saw in my life if I talk about your poetry, I just have to say that is still outstanding. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU AND ALWAYS I SAY: YOU ARE GREAT
MAE ELIAS Monique Lucy Weberink
24 November 2010
Monique realmente estoy muy a gusto en este sitio porque puedo ver que tu arte esta siendo muy visitado y se ve fant{astico por ac{a. Si debo habar de tu arte visual digo que la gamma de azules es lo m{as hermoso que vi en mi vida, si debo hablar de tu poesia solo debo decir que sigue siendo extraordinaria. eSTOY MUY ORGULLOSO DE TI Y COMO SIEMPRE TE DIGO: ERES GENIAL
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