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We are all familiar with the photographer, who captures what he sees and feels into a photo. In these short stories, I do pretty much the same, the difference being that my impressions are captured into words that typically cover 1-3 pages of text. As someone told me recently, architects have good eyes, and excellent writing skills that are used for describing their findings and systems harmony.


Architecture documents are abstract and concise of nature; they can be viewed as essential writings about a certain topic. In their own, such documents from experienced architects are the result of artistic simplicity.


And this is exactly the reason that I feel that there must be an audience for such writings about real life experiences in the form of what I call Architecture Impressions.


I strongly believe that "Essential Writing" can be called some kind of literature which is characterized by a rich use of words and a strong story. The main difference is that I try to use few words that essentially describe a situation according to the business adagio "less is more".


My style is based on architecture experiences, much reading, many emails, chats and international conversations; this implicates concise scenery descriptions, with in mind my motto of Beauty by Simplicity.


Please enjoy and share these stories.


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