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Edwinno is proud to have found an unique approach for becoming once again Authentic in being and in the beauty of self, through awareness and application of customized oils to help one be in touch with self. Divinely Grounded has come to light via Action in Balance. The path for Beauty by Simplicity enhanced once more.

Divinely Grounded is located in Bugarach and at Les Labadous,domaine d'amis, in Rennes-le-Chateau; a place where heaven meets earth.


Divinely Grounded  is created and started up by Femke Rameijer a native Dutch whom moved to France in 2004.
She lives in the beautiful energies of Rennes-le-Chateau and was guided to go to Glastonbury in November 2009 and to Egypt in March 2010. She attended the Contemplative Alchemy Retreat by Judi Sion and Tom Kenyon in Rennes-le-Chateau in June 2010 and the Opening of the Halls of Amenti by Judi Sion and Tom Kenyon in Seattle (October 2010). 

Her work with the Sacred Touch and Artisan Essential Oil Blends is in her 2nd year now, and has found out just how healthy and enriching essentials oils are, and can be. She prepares massage oils, personalized oils and other products with only one goal in mind: to provide the best possible combination of oils to help you support any process you are going through.


MMDivinely Grounded gives workshops and creates oils using the Magdalen Energy that runs through us all. Divinely Grounded focuses on helping people to get back to their Authentic Self. Mary Magdalen, a priestess of Isis in the mystical tradition of ancient Egypt, learned the potent secrets of internal alchemy to elevate one’s own spiritual power. Now, Divinely Grounded brings you these practices learned through the unique connection to this “Cosmic Mother” and revealed in The Magdalen Manuscript. With Mary Magdalen Energy Meditations, Divinely Grounded teaches the techniques restored from Egyptian alchemy for transforming your life energy into a powerful force of creation.

Central to all of these alchemical practices is the movement of sekhem, the “serpent energy” of consciousness. Through step-by-step guidance, Divinely Grounded teaches you to channel this energy up the spine into precise areas of your higher brain centers. As you progress through each technique, you will strengthen the power of your “Ka body,” your energetic self that is the key to accessing the higher realms of insight, creativity, and awakening.


Divinely Grounded uses for this purpose “The Sacred Touch” oils, created by Glenda Green, provide a beautiful tool to do just that.

With 8 aspirations (scents) we help you to discover the freedom to know and return to a state of wholeness and remember your original incentives and aspirations for entering the realm of experience. Each dimension of consciousness is propelled by a certain aspiration. Whenever your heart remembers the true aspiration (from innocence to joy), you are delivered from delusion and set back on the path toward fulfilment.

These essential oils blends are offered in the Divinely Grounded web shop which are made with the use of the Sacred Touch Essential Oil Blends and the Spirits Pure Artisan Blends. Next to these wonderful personalized oil blends (which are made by tuning in to you and will support you in whatever process you are going through), Divinely Grounded offers the following 5 all-in-one blends:



This blend will energize you, uplift your spirit, reduce anxiety, fatigue, insomnia and/or depression symptoms. With Neroli, Aliveness and Himalayan Cedar Wood.


This blend for children will protect them, help them to transcend negative feelings, clarify intentions, reduce stress and physical discomfort. It also elevates the spirit and enlivens all their senses. With Neroli, Aliveness, Clarity and Sanctuary.


This blend promotes purification and protects against viruses (colds, in the air plane).It will help reduce stress, physical discomfort, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia and/or depression symptoms. It supports transforming fear into love and helps transcending negativity as well. With Christ Scent, Magdalene's Blessing, Neroli, Medieval Miracle and Sanctuary .


This blend radiates love and joy. It will sooth your nerves emotionally as well as psychologically. It helps to recover from disappointments in love and supports transcending negativity. A luxurious blend with a gorgeous smell. With Christ Scent, Love, Joy, Clarity and Rose.


This blend is lovely to use before and/or during mediation (or when moving into rest, sleep or therapeutic massage). It gently stimulates the Pineal Gland as well as the Crown Chakra. It prepares you to receive sacred revelations or healing, a recipe for greater repose, to assist you to leave the world below as you ascend into higher states of prayer and meditations. With Holy Ground, Serenity, Peace, Om and Himalayan Cedar Wood.


Femke is also a wonderful poet and has agreed for Edwinno to publish the following poem:


Divinely Grounded


Living in this world, so beautifully divine,

Feeling all the love, and sharing what is mine.

Being overwhelmed by what is meant to be,

Being flabbergasted about the possibilities I see.


All the past lives aside

All the knowledge alive

All the pieces in place

All the energies on my case


Divinely grounded, my guideline to come,

For don't we know we are the one?

Don't we know we're to make it here,

And not in some other atmosphere?

Spacing out, traveling far,

Or lost in 3D, not knowing where you are.

Combine the worlds, enjoy what feels right,

Create your own heaven, all the legacies aside.


No need to give your earthly possessions away,

In order to ascend in a more profound way.

No need to meditate all day long,

In order to become spiritually strong.


Whatever works for you, and you alone,

Is your way to ascension, make it your own.

Whatever makes you happy, whatever resonates,

Whatever is your passion, that’s what does create.


Now and here

As below so above

Love transforming fear

Be a tree·and a dove






More information at






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Friday, 15 December 2017

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Ann Change and Lost
25 May 2017
Well, my plans changed today or should I say they were cancelled. I sat lost for a few hours, lost in thought, lost in the moment. It was a lovely thing. I realize I can change and go forward with some nice freedom, inspired by this story. I stopped a moment and wrote this comment and now I go.
Ann Clinic Dream
25 May 2017
Nice recount! Dreams are an interesting glance into our minds and seem quite elusive for me, remembering dreaming and forgetting the content most times. Is there something I am missing? Probably
Ann Clinic Rules
15 April 2017
good rules vs bad rulesFollowing rules was extreme programming from infancy for me. First rule: You are here to help your mother, You are the servant of your family. I was taught to be an adult as an infant and only recently found the un-nurtured infant inside. In finding my infant I was able to stop crying for what seemed to be no reason. I have learned through much therapy that some rules are a method of abuse. I have learned to use better judgement in following rules. Some rules are for our...
Gooitzen My Hypomania Explained
25 March 2017
Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing.
Gooitzen A Day In My Life
25 March 2017
Best wishes Edwin! I am glad you are in a place to recover. I imagine that walks - long walks - are good for your pshychy! Thinking of you.
Edwin Ronald Zwart Dechen Shak-Dagsay
25 November 2010
Dechen, thanks for your contribution. I am new to the world of Tibet and mantra's. Life must be much different in Tibet, providing for a uniqu culture surrounded by all these impressive mountains. I hope that you will return one day.
Edwin Ronald Zwart Monique Lucy Weberink
25 November 2010
This fills my heart with joy. Thank you so much.
MAE ELIAS Monique Lucy Weberink
24 November 2010
Monique I'm really comfortable in this site because I can see that your art is being frequently visited and is fantastic around here. If I Habar your visual art say that the gamma is the most beautiful blue that I saw in my life if I talk about your poetry, I just have to say that is still outstanding. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU AND ALWAYS I SAY: YOU ARE GREAT
MAE ELIAS Monique Lucy Weberink
24 November 2010
Monique realmente estoy muy a gusto en este sitio porque puedo ver que tu arte esta siendo muy visitado y se ve fant{astico por ac{a. Si debo habar de tu arte visual digo que la gamma de azules es lo m{as hermoso que vi en mi vida, si debo hablar de tu poesia solo debo decir que sigue siendo extraordinaria. eSTOY MUY ORGULLOSO DE TI Y COMO SIEMPRE TE DIGO: ERES GENIAL
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