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Feels it is worthwhile to check an alternative method of healing with light. Johan Boswinkel is the inventor of the StarLight and Chiren Instruments and is also the driving force behind the study of Biontology.·His·Health Angel Foundation·and·Academy·are both aimed at bringing these beautiful concepts to the people. The following text on Biontology and it's application through the Chiren and StarLight instruments state Johan's vision on which this whole platform is based. DGbyFemke is providing such healing treatments in the South of France (Bagarach, Rennes-le-Chateau) and Holland (Haarlem).



DgbyFemke has completed the workshop, Course in Freedom - Biontology - by Johan  Boswinkel (Rennes-le-Chateau, September 2011) and has started providing Biontology treatments.

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Biontology: “Light is the Language of Life": treating human beings instead of diseases.


Biontology  by Johan Boswinkel


Biontology combines the words Bio and Ontology. Bio stands for life and refers to us, the people in a living environment. Ontology was described by the famous Philosopher Heidegger as; “the being of any relationship towards existence.”

For a long time I have been looking for a name that includes everything that my instruments stand for. Although they work through biophotons,Biontologists do much more than just treat people with biophotons. The name therapy or treatment is an understatement of what Biontologists bring to the people of this world. In the Biontology training only a certain amount of time is spent on biophotons and the Chiren or StarLight instrument. What we focus on is “gnosis” and the way of obtaining this intrinsic knowledge. Only through extensive research of the ultimate reality of nature, will it be possible to obtain the quality that is needed to really understand and help people to understand and help themselves.


An Ontology founds a theory on reality and hence enables to develop a useful measurement of that reality. These measurements can lead to a revision of the theory and thus to new measurements. There are serious crises in science, such as in quantum mechanics, in which theory nor measurement gives a singular answer, and so forces the creation of a new Ontology.

Every human being is an individual. Every human being ‘IS’. Every man has his own truth. All these truths are one-sided. And every one-sided truth consists again of even more one-sided truths. But for each individual it is a complete truth until he or she moves in time and/or space. From a different place and at a different moment the truth will be different. Even an emotional state will alter the experienced truth. Mental and/or spiritual development also changes the perceived reality. Surroundings and external circumstances like food, habitat, education, disease and suffering all make up our truth and all are in constant change.

What Biontologists endeavour to find out, through application of our gnosis and with the help of the instruments, is a persons individual truth at a certain moment. That is why it is called dia-gnosis. The knowledge of the day, the truth of the moment. The treatments in sequence alter that truth again. And hence it is needed to measure again to find the truth of the next moment. And can the person than live with this new truth?

Because of what Biontologists do, a person’s consciousness changes. He or she becomes aware of all the things that are going on in their body. People also become conscious of their body energetically. By merely holding on to a couple of glass rods their whole system suddenly changes. The color of their skin is changed or their asthma is suddenly gone by sticking two patches on their neck. This is not due to the biophotons though, it is caused by the knowledge of the truth and the intention of the Biontologist.

Wouldn’t you agree that this seems like a miracle to most people? One knows and knew nothing of all this, yet the experience is unmistaken.

Most people are only able to experience or see three dimensions, where there are at least twelve! Yet if one would only listen and react to their inner “me”, one would come to know there is a vast realm beyond their senses. The so called sixth sense is actually the first sense. All the others presumably merely serve a purpose in the 3 dimensional world.



This approach alters consciousness, and this is an important part of this pathway, the Biontology. The biophotons give us an incredible amount of information by means of direct communication with a persons body. Besides this, there is the communication with the person itself. The “I” or “me” we talk to is not the body. It is a double leveled communication line. Now a body can be bothered by the “I “, but doesn’t necessarily suffer the same traumas. This is the first step towards synthesis thinking.

The body needs to communicate its needs to the “I “ and does this continuously. The “I “ is undisturbed by electromagnetic fields or food poisoning but the body is troubled very much. The big problem is that the “I “ hardly ever listens to the body and neglects it until the body really stops functioning and becomes a nuisance to the “I “. Restoring this communication is just as important as dealing with a disease or its symptoms. This means changing someone’s consciousness to the level where he or she starts to listen again to the body, for only this will ensure that problems will be dealt with as meant by nature. “The body’s own doctor takes over again”.


Your own gnosis

Over time one's consciousness will develop and you start to see more and more connections. You get a more profound access to the unknown. The truth of the ultimate reality of nature comes closer and closer. But one must keep searching.

The truth can not be taught. First of all everyone’s truth is unique and only by continuous observation can you obtain more knowledge and by implementing this into your life it becomes as true gnosis. Develop your own theories and test them on your truth to see whether they are true only in a specific case, or that you have touched the universal truth. This is the heart of Ontology, this is Biontology.

There are many different instruments and machines nowadays that claim to use photons or biophotons. In most cases this isn’t even true. For patients it is impossible to see the differences between the offered therapies. They all look alike. There is a mayor difference however, and not only in the instrument and its application, but more so in our total approach of MAN-kind.

Most therapies try to treat diseases, Biontologists endeavour to treat human beings. Biontologists try to look for the truth that lies behind the sickness, the real cause of any disturbance. For this they use a whole synthesis of methods. Ancient wisdom, modern technologies and numerous universal ways are fitted into one synthesis and are also adapted to our time. This synthesis works and enables the cells to regain and remember their power of regeneration.

Johan Boswinkel

The Chiren and StarLight operate on the following principles:

  • Every cell emits at least 100.000 light impulses per second.

  • Everything emits its own characteristic light pattern.

  • When a cell is healthy, it emits coherent light, when a cell is diseased it emits chaotic light.

  • Every biochemical reaction is preceded by an electromagnetic signal that ‘steers’ the chemistry of the body.

  • When the steering signal is wrong, then the biochemistry goes wrong and we develop symptoms.

  • The Chiren and StarLight correct the steering signal, which in turn corrects the biochemistry, in other words it takes on a problem at the roots.

  • They do this by inverting chaotic light waves.

  • The diagnosis is performed by measuring acupuncture points on hands and feet. These light vortexes are easily found with the point finder.

  • The Chiren and StarLight can successfully resolve mental and physical problems.

  • Supplemental treatments are not required. We do however recommend 8 glasses of water per day for the first three days after treatment to help cleanse the body.


Biophoton therapy


Did you ever receive an answer to the question why and how a disease develops? We will describe here what biophoton therapy is and provide the answer.




Biophotons are light particles that are emitted by living systems. They were discovered in the late seventies by a German physicist, Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp.

Biophotons are incredibly important because they control all life processes. Yet this important discovery is not taught at the schools of medicine. Probably because the biophoton emission is so weak that it needs special instruments to detect them. Another possible reason is that medical doctors would have to forget a lot of what they learned, because it is all not as it seems. Just 2% of the DNA controls all physical processes in the body. Of those physical processes we probably understand 10%. So all medical doctors in the world together know only 0,2% of what is happening inside you, in spite of all the tests that they have available to them.

A light bulb emits photons but because a light bulb is not a living system it does not emit biophotons.

Every cell of a human, animal or plant emits approximately 100.000 biophotons per second.

The total amount of biophotons that are emitted from a body in every second is enormous. Every biophoton is information that is intended for another cell. A cell can therefore also receive information. It is likely that this sending and receiving takes place in the DNA, whereby one strand of the DNA is geared to receive and the other string is there to receive. In between the sending and receiving the information needs to be stored. In other words the DNA is like a battery: it receives its charge, then stores the charge, and when it is needed it gives off the charge. It’s a basic function of all living systems. This storing function is like a memory that you can recall before you use again what has been stored.

All these biophotons are information which at any one time can be used, and a lot of them are immediately needed and used for the functions of the body. If there are no more biophotons, the body is dead. It is one of the characteristics of death: there is no more light. All your memory is stored in biophotons that are emitted. And the capability to remember depends on the capability to tune into a right wave length to recall this information.

Biophotons are the individual letters of the alphabet. But by studying individual letters you will never grasp the language that those letters can form. If you compare it to music, the note “c” is called that way because the note has a particular frequency, but the note will sound very different if you play it on a violin or on a guitar. The frequency(= quantity) is the same, but the information (=quality) is very different. Quality is an experience. You cannot measure it.

It has long been known that every biochemical reaction is preceded by an electro-magnetic signal. Without such a signal there is no biochemical reaction. It is the electro-magnetic signal that determines the biochemistry. It was long unknown where the signal came from but it now appears that the signal comes from the DNA in the form of biophotons.

There are about 100.000 biochemical reactions in every cell every second. This corresponds with the number of biophotons. The total number of chemical reactions in the body is so large that it must be controlled with the speed of light. Every other speed is far too slow to control that many reactions in such a short time.




Symptoms are primarily the result of wrong biochemical reactions. A wrong biochemical reaction can only happen if the steering signal is wrong. By addressing the symptom on the chemical level (regular medical approach) you do not rectify the steering signal and the problem will persist. In fact you are adding a problem to the body in the form of medication.

Every substance, every disturbance, has its biochemical formula but it also has its energetic signature. Every symptom has its biochemical formula but also its energetic signature.

The condition of the cell or groups of cells (e.g. organs) is broadcasted, because the biophotons are emitted. The biophoton therapist can receive the information that is emitted with the instrument that he or she has. This is quantitive information. If the cell is strong it will give a steady information, which results in a straight line, if there is something wrong in the cell it cannot hold its charge and the line will go down, fast or slow depending on the state of the cell. Biophotons inform us of everything that is wrong in the body, including the state of all the tissues.

When he or she has measured the quantity, the therapist will continue to determine the quality of the signals. From one perspective all signals can be more or less the same, but are of a different quality. If we call a symptom 25, it can be made up of many different components. 25 can be made up of 2+3+20 or 7+8+10. But the 20 can be made up of 12+8 and the 12 can be made up of 7+5 and so on. So the symptom called 25 can have many different causes.

These factors can also be of psychological origin. Fear for example influences in a negative way the water household of the body (kidneys, bladder). If the kidneys experience this kind of disturbance, they might function less. Once this happens, they detoxify less and toxins might go to the liver, causing the liver to function less and so on.

So there are many possible different causes leading to the same symptom.

It is the job of the biophoton therapist to “reset” the body and to remove all factors leading to the symptom. In other words it should never come back in any form. The body should be clean and able to handle all different problems that it encounters.

All things have their own electro-magnetic signature, their information. This information has to be determined if we want to eliminate it. It is known that two opposing waves (information) neutralize each other. If the symptom is called 25, then -25 would remove the symptom, but it does not neutralize the causing 2+3+20 and because of that the symptom might come back or with another disturbance factor added (say +1) it might turn into symptom 26.

In the biophoton instruments a lot of possible disturbance factors are stored. But they are stored in their opposite forms. The biophoton therapist is going to match these qualities to the disturbed organs and see which one neutralizes the one indicated by the light. Underneath there might be other things showing once the top layer has been removed.

Every system has to be in order so that your body can function optimally. You can eat the most healthy food, if your digestive system does not work properly then the body cannot receive the nutritional value of the food or it takes all the bad things too which leaves the body worse then it was before. The body also needs to discriminate what is right and what is wrong. What it regards as wrong it should excrete. If your discrimination system is not functioning, you will tolerate almost anything.

The discrimination system is important, but the excretion system is equally important. Therefore the excretion channels must also be functioning properly. The excretion channels are the kidney/bladder, the intestines and the SPEECH. All are part of the digestive system.

Also bad news, emotions, frustrations need to be expressed. What is not expressed, is suppressed. It does not matter so much what goes into the body, it matters far more what comes out. Suppressed emotions, frustrations or feelings lead to stress, stress leads to cancer, to name the worst scenario.

We also call this method Bio-Ontology or Biontology. Ontology is “the study of the ultimate reality of nature”. This ultimate reality is Light. Light has different wave lengths. Each and every wave length is information that we need to heed.

How long the whole healing process takes depends on two things: the experience of the therapist and your own body. It is only your own body that can heal. No therapist or doctor can heal. Even “healers” cannot heal, only you can. The doctors or therapist should only help your body by removing that which is in the way or stopping your body from healing itself.

Health is not a condition. Health is a process of which disease forms a part. Disease is the chaos in between the ordered states. Nature will always create chaos in order to grow. Growth is impossible in an ordered state. In order there is no flexibility and flexibility is what we need in these fast changing times. We need flexibility in order to quickly adapt to new situations. But we need to do it ourselves. We are only responsible for keeping our temple, the body, clean. That is all we need to do, then life will do the rest. If you have confidence in yourself, you have confidence in the Light, in life. The light is everywhere and can do anything, anywhere, anytime, it is omnipresent. Just give the light a chance and get your thinking out of the way. Human logic is very illogical in the eyes of nature. Observe, feel and DO. Thinking does not play a part. Thinking is a psychological disease. Thinking is sending and if you send you cannot receive. If you believe in the head, you believe in the false God. In that case, you´re “out of your mind”.

Nature always wins. If you do not ‘shape up’, you need to ‘ship out’.

We are taught to listen to our parents, our teachers, the authorities and so on. We are not taught to listen to ourselves. And we ourselves are the only ones who know. And knowing is something different than knowledge. Knowledge is something of the head, knowing is something of the heart, the heart is where the mind is located.

All information is stored on light waves. Your own light waves are the means of connecting to all information. Let us make sure that they are in order. Your symptoms will be gone, you will feel better, the quality of your life will improve tremendously and that is what counts. Quantity of life is based on quality of life.

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